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Each Thursday at 1pm a crucial aspect of the work of GMCC takes place. People meet to pray! This gives us the chance to remind ourselves that our hope of making a difference does not rest solely on the cumulative total of our talents and effort but on the promise of God’s grace and help as we reach out to him. We have called this the Bible Reflection and Prayer time (BRP) as we read a short passage from the Bible, share our thoughts on it and then pray specifically for the needs of the work and those who have come to us for help. We keep it to half an hour as sometimes people working in the city have joined us during their lunch break. It is good to be able to pray for the difficult situations we face and for individuals who have often asked for prayer and been encouraged by the fact that people care enough to remember them in this way. We have a number who are regular in joining us but it is always good to welcome new ones even if they are unable to come every week. We have seen some specific answers to prayer and are still waiting in hope for more but are committed to persist no matter what.

Prison Prayer Letter

Over 35 years ago Noel Proctor then a chaplain in HMP Manchester began to type out prayer requests and issue them with an encouraging editorial to those who wanted to share in this ministry. Over time he was, with the help of a small team, issuing thousands of letters all around the country. GMCC took over producing the letter in September 2014 and over 2500 letters are sent so that people can continue to pray with up to date information for people in real need. This ministry is maintained by the generous voluntary donations of those who receive the letter and want to see it continue. At present one church has committed to give regularly and it would be great to see others do the same.

We really appreciate all our prayer partners and know it is their faithful efforts that have kept this work going, will keep it on track, and will ensure that lives continue to be changed for the better. Please follow the link to see some of the previous prayer letters and let us know if you would like to join our mailing list for yourself or your church.