Greater Manchester Community Chaplaincy's (GMCC) goal is to help towards reducing the re-offending rate in Greater Manchester.

To facilitate this we work with service users who will be returning, or have returned to, the Greater Manchester area after leaving prison. GMCC’s work can start within prison prior to release, or after release, and continues for as long as necessary.

GMCC work with people of any faith and no faith offering befriending, mentoring and information and guidance. The GMCC Chaplain offers support as well as running groups to explore faith. GMCC offer a place to talk and more importantly a place to be listened to.

GMCC partner with The Methodist Centre who provide the space for GMCC’s IT suite where the following is offered; IT training, writing CV’s and assistance with CSCS card applications .

On site is Café Central, which is run by GMCC volunteers. Café Central offers a relaxing space to engage with GMCC, service users are given free food each time they attend an appointment with GMCC. It is also a place to relax and enjoy good food and company.