We recognise the damage that is caused to individuals and to the community through crime. We exist to provide support to people leaving prison of all faiths and none. We provide mentoring support that involves befriending and help on a range of issues all of which is based on a professional working relationship.

This is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • support people who have served a custodial sentence to reduce offending behaviour
  • enable individuals to support themselves in the community without recourse to offending
  • help to make or restore healthy, mutually supportive relationships with their family, friends and neighbours
  • make a contribution to the overall reduction of crime and substance use, thereby helping to develop safer communities and enhancing the lives of the people who live in them.

This often begins in prison when those within six months of release can ask to be involved. They are then visited by our link worker who will explain the opportunities available and the help that is on offer. They can have a volunteer write to them and visit them whilst still in prison before meeting at our centre after release.

Help is provided on sorting out benefits, finding accommodation and dealing with any phone calls that need to be made. Referrals to other agencies are made where appropriate including those that can provide food parcels and clothing. Many find just having someone willing to listen who cares makes a huge difference.

Those who wish can receive pastoral support including prayer either in a group or on an individual basis. There is the opportunity to explore faith and think about the relevance of the Bible to our lives without the need for previous experience or future commitment.  

All of this can continue for as long as needed and some who have begun in this way have stayed to become valuable volunteers and staff members supporting others as they go through the same process. Those who have decided to change can do so with the right support and we have people with us who have proved this to be true.