Current Staff

Abby Ogier

Chaplain (from April 2018)

I have spent most of my career working in the charity sector, in a range of roles including supporting young adults in their first rented homes, working with survivors of domestic abuse, helping parents who are struggling with their child or teenager’s behaviour, working to support people who are trying to change harmful behaviours and helping children to overcome traumatic experiences. 

For the past 2 years I have been training for Reader Ministry, which is a nationally recognised form of lay ministry within the Anglican church. 

Both my Christian belief and my experience of working with people in many different situations have taught me that every person has value, and we all have the ability to make positive changes in our lives.  The role as chaplain will allow me to combine my experience as a qualified and experienced community worker with my ministerial skills, and I am very much looking forward to this new challenge.

I have been really inspired by the team at GMCC and look forward to working with them and walking alongside people as they go through the challenges of adjusting to life after a custodial sentence.

Arthur Whillans


009I started volunteering at GMCC about 8 years ago by spending time in the café to welcome any new visitors. Over time this developed into a befriending and mentoring role particularly with men I had met whilst leading Bible study groups in HMP Manchester. I then spent twelve months working as the Chaplain here at GMCC before also taking on the role of manager. In many ways this is a particularly challenging time but it is also a great privilege to be involved with people who have decided they want to make a fresh start in life and have reached out for help. It is a great blessing to see some of those who came to us for help now helping others and playing a crucial role in making sure the same opportunity is on offer for those ready to begin again.


Volunteer Co-ordinator


I first came to GMCC as a client for support (after meeting Marlene in HMP Manchester) which really benefited me and helped me to get where I am now.  I started at GMCC as a Volunteer in September 13 helping out in the Café and with their accounts one day a week, gradually building up to 3 days a week working in the office.  When GMCC was awarded funding from the Big Lottery Fund and WEA (ESF Grants), I was employed from June 2014.


Centre Manager

I am the Centre Manager at GMCC, I am a former police officer having served for 16 years.  I realised that I wasn’t getting any job satisfaction because as numbers of police dwindled so did my ability to help people and get involved in the community.

I took on this role in order to rectify this and begin to make a positive difference.  Even though GMCC is a small charity the influence and effect it can have on peoples’ lives can be huge, it’s amazing to see the success stories from clients who have used the service and completely changed their lives and I hope to see many more.  I’m really happy to be a part of this wonderful charity.




Chef/Kitchen Trainer

Stephen - Chef Kitchen Trainer

I have a history of getting into trouble and of making mistakes that I regret. It was actually whilst in prison that I met Arthur as he was doing the Bible group and he told me about GMCC. I first came in October 2013 and since then my life has changed a lot and there are attitudes and things I used to do that I have left behind. I began as a volunteer in the kitchen in February 2014. Once funding became available I was employed from June 2014. I love cooking and the whole environment of the kitchen and the café. I like to produce good food that people enjoy and always have an eye on how to keep the cost down which is exactly what GMCC need. I have experience in training kitchen skills and this has proved crucial as it formed a major part of one our recent projects. It has been great to see confidence grow in those I have trained, some of whom have since found work while others have stayed with us to volunteer. The provision of great meals to the public, clients and volunteers is right at the centre of what GMCC do and I am really glad to be leading the team that do such a great job in achieving this.


Development Worker

I was looking for a role that would encompass my business knowledge, mentoring skills and allow me to use my personal experiences to help people help themselves and I have found that here at GMCC. I am the Development Worker and my role is to develop the services we offer in order for us to support our service users. Through any difficult times in life it is important for people to have support and encouragement, even more so for our service users who when released from prison face many challenges. I am passionate about user-led development; I believe continuous listening and learning from those with lived experience ensures that as an organisation we are offering a service which has the best chance of success for our service users.