Canon Noel Proctor

"I am pleased to endorse and give my support to the work of Greater Manchester Community Chaplaincy.  I know from extensive experience in prison ministry how important support following release is.  The staff and volunteers at GMCC provide a crucial life line to those who have decided they want a fresh start."


Welcome to Greater Manchester Community Chaplaincy

GMCC is a charity that exists to help people who have been in prison. Most people are aware of the impact of crime on families and communities and also of the high percentage of reoffending among those who go to prison as a result.

One person trapped in this cycle said he could see lots of warning signs about his lifestyle and described it as being aware of the exit signs without being able to find the door.

Our aim is to help those ready for a fresh start find the way to begin and the support to continue. We work with people of any faith or none.

You could be part of a team making a difference by offering help to those coming out of prison so they never go back.

If you would like support, more information or want to find out how you can help please contact us.

Mark Penman (Chaplain)

Tel: 0161 236 2462  Mob: 07387331329